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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Unless you're a brand new follower you will have noticed there have been some changes around here; after about 6 months of having a bit of a 'meh' blog design I finally took the plunge and got another designed by the lovely Shabna of Scheine. I'm a massive fan of clean, simple blog designs and from looking at her past work I could see that she was perfect for the job! At the moment she's doing a full blog design for just £20 which is an absolute steal for such an amazing refurb of my blog, especially in comparison to the £100+ I've seen some people charging, which is fair enough but I personally can't justify that sort of money. 

Shabna has done some amazing jobs on other blogs aswell, a really nicely professional job! You can view some more examples of blog designs on her blog. 

What do you think of my new blog design?


  1. It looks beautiful Jade :) xx

  2. Glad you like it hun! Thanks for the mention :) x



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