In The Mirror: Baseball Top

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I genuinely can't believe how many outfit posts I've done just lately, I know my photos aren't exactly glam but I'm not lucky enough to have a talented photographer at hand to help take photos with my DSLR (if I had it to Jason he just looks at me like 'errr whut?!'). Anyway, they're functional and I'm actually enjoying showing what I've been wearing on my blog...

A jeans and t-shirt combo is usually what you'll find me in on a day to day basis; I'm loving these baseball style t-shirts at the moment because they're just so comfy and easy to wear. I've had lots of comments about this particular one and I'm thinking it's because it's floral yet sporty which you'd think wouldn't work but it really does. As for the jeans, well I'm actually obsessed with New Look jeans. These are skinny fit and are a little on the big side for me around the waist but I'm trying to hang on to them as long as I can because I love the colour!

Baseball Top*:
Jeans: New Look £22.99

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Maybelline Forever Strong in 'Lunar Grey'

Monday, 1 September 2014

I've had a busy weekend at work this weekend with a wedding on Saturday so I realised that orange nail polish probably wasn't the most appropriate shade when I was dressing smart so I picked out another shade of Maybelline Forever Strong in 'Lunar Grey'...
Maybelline Forever Strong 99p Fragrance Direct
When I bought it on the website I actually didn't realise that it had shimmer in it and to be honest when I first looked at the bottle I thought 'oh dear it's sparkly silver' but I was pleasantly surprised when I actually applied it; it's like a muted, conservative silver shade. It made my nails look tidy and presentable for work without being in your face and out of place.
The formula is exactly like the 'Orange Couture' shade I used the other day; it's fine and for 99p and I'm not about to complain too much but what I forgot to say in the other post was that it takes an age to dry, when you think it's done you'll get a smudge so I think the only way to keep this looking perfect is to top coat it straight away with something which you know dries quickly. Also it doesn't last 7 days... I get 3 at the most and on my index finger I didn't even get that but like I've said before I can look beyond that, especially when I like the shade.
Do you have a favourite shade of Maybelline polish?
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NEW La Roche Posay Anti-Blemish Skincare System

Sunday, 31 August 2014

If you're into skincare then you'll be no stranger to French Pharmacy brand 'La Roche Posay'. Now quite widely available on the UK high street, La Roche Posay are famous for their Effaclar Duo which has been a skincare favourite among bloggers for a while now but when it comes to cleansing and toning, LRP have been somewhat forgotten about until now...

With the release of the new Effaclar Skincare Sysem, La Roche Posay are offering those with sensitive, oily and blemish prone skin an answer to their problems. Tell tale signs of problem skin include blemishes, clogged/enlarged pores, excess oil, uneven/rough skin and red/brown marks are all targeted with this new skincare system. These three steps have been selected and formulated to 'dramatically improve skin' within 4 weeks or you get your money back.

Obviously they wouldn't make a bold claim like that without researching first; a 3 month trial saw 100 female participants assess the kit both by their own evaluation and also through clinical evaluation. 88% said it provided an immediate mattifying effect, 82% said it was well tolerated by their skin and 80% said it provided an immediate hydrating effect... 

.... Of course you'll know by now that I like to put these claims to the test so for 4 weeks I will be using this as my skincare regime morning and night to see what difference it makes to my skin. I have high hopes for it as I know Effaclar Duo + does work so I'm thinking that adding an Effaclar cleanser and toner will work well. My skin has gone a bit loop-the-loop just recently (being tired and run down hasn't helped!) so this release has actually come at quite a good time.

This officially launches in stores on 3rd September but it's actually available online now on the Boots website.

Have you tried any of the La Roche Posay Effaclar Products?

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Shower Gel for Coffee Lovers

Friday, 29 August 2014

I've always been intrigued by the Anatomicals brand; their simple packaging and their play on words have always caught my eye and it doesn't surprise me that they'd do a coffee scented shower gel. Showering with something that smells of coffee does sound a bit weird but I like anything coffee; the smell, the taste... everything (I'm the kind of person who can't understand the 'challenge' in the Revel Challenge because I LOVE coffee and chocolate!), so when I was offered 'Java Lather' to review I was obviously quite excited. You might think I'm a bit daft for getting excited about a shower product but if you like coffee you seriously need to try this to understand...

Anatomicals Java Lather Body Cleanser* £3.00 available from selected pharmacies

It actually comes out a bit like jelly; it's not a runny kind of gel it's thicker and kind of wobbles around in your hand. I use it with a shower puff to get a really good lather and when you start rubbing it onto your body you can really smell the coffee. It's not like sniffing an actual cup of coffee, I actually think it smells like Roses coffee sweets (which happen to be my fave). Unlike most shower gels I've used, the smell actually lingers a on your skin after you've got dried, but it's not a bitter coffee smell it's like a sweet coffee. I actually think I'm a bit addicted to this; when I'm in the shower I'll lather up at least twice to three times because I just love the smell! 

Other Anatomicals shower gels are available from ASOS but for some weird (and annoying) reason, this Java one isn't actually available. 

Have you tried anything from Anatomicals?
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Bargain Maybelline Forever Strong in 'Orange Couture'

Thursday, 28 August 2014

It's been a while since I posted about nail polish so when I bought a few nail polishes from Fragrance Direct I figured it'd be rude not to share my thoughts. I absolutely love Fragrance Direct for nail polish, they seem to get some real gems in at a fraction of the price of what you'd find in stores. It's usually because the brand have changed the packaging or discontinued a line but there's absolutely nothing wrong with the product itself. The first one I'm sharing with you is Maybelline Forever Strong in 'Orange Couture'...
Maybelline Forever Strong 'Orange Couture' 99p Fragrance Direct

I would never normally consider wearing orange on my nails, I'd always considered it to be a bit too 'garish'; you know, the kind you'd wear when you were like 12 and think you were the bees knees? But this is such a gorgeous shade, bright and summery but also quite grown up. 

It did need 3/4 coats to give a proper opaque covering but I'm assuming they've done something to the new formula to rectify this? The brush is perfect, nice and wide but small enough for precision application (which is important when you don't have really long nails) and it's got quite a nice shiny finish. 

This older-packaging version is only 99p from Fragrance Direct which is an absolute steal, I highly recommend stocking up on polishes of every shade from there because you could save yourself a fortune!

What's your favourite thing to buy from Fragrance Direct?
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Another High Street Mattifying Powder

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

We all have our skin trouble and mine happens to be the fact that I get an oily t-zone and without using powder to set my foundation within an hour it will just slide right off my face and you can almost see your reflection in my shiny cheeks/forehead (nice!). For a good few years I've pretty much stuck with Rimmel Stay Matte but me being me, I knew there had to come a time when I'd look for something else. When I saw Miracle Matte Pressed Powder by Seventeen I decided to give it a go.

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder £3.99

Obviously my basis for comparison is Rimmel Stay Matte and I'm going to start by making a bit of a bold statement: I actually think I like this Miracle Matte Pressed Powder more and there are a couple of reasons why...

- The packaging is so much better, it's on a hinge and it's just much less 'flimsy' it also has a little mirror which is very handy.
- Even though it's a pressed powder I can tell its more finely milled than Rimmel Stay Matte which means that it applies much easier and more evenly and I think it could be why it doesn't break up as quickly when you hit pan.

Everything else is very similar to Rimmel Stay Matte; it helps to keep my skin from looking shiny and it just finishes off a makeup look nicely. Not forgetting it's only £3.99 which is an obvious bonus. It doesn't last 16 hours, nowhere near... but I'd say you get a good 4-5 hours out of it which is fine for me. The shade selection isn't as good with the Seventeen powder (only 3 in comparison to 6 with Rimmel Stay Matte) but I find that Silky Beige is working well for me with a bit of colour on my face, I daresay I might need a different shade in winter. If you have very dark skin you might struggle with this one.

What's your favourite high street powder?

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The Ups and Downs of Makeup Revolution

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Slightly late to the party with this post because I know how everyone has been going a bit crazy for Makeup Revolution products, but for those few who haven't heard of them: Makeup Revolution is a budget brand available online and larger Superdrug stores. They have a massive range of products from hundreds of lipstick and eyeshadow shades to skincare products... I haven't tried a quarter of what they offer but here's what I think of what I have tried...

I'm a massive fan of their eyeshadows, both in palettes and in single 'mono' shadows. The shades in the ones pictured are my idea of perfection; the Ultimate Shimmers palette* is only £4 and has a range of nude and brown shimmers all of which are nicely pigmented and apply with very limited fallout. The single shadows* which I've picked out are in shades 'Base!' and 'Promised Land', they're only £1 each and they come in 45 different shades! Again, they're nicely pigmented and as a duo they work really well to create a neutral eye look. Of course the packaging isn't fancy but it is simple and functional it just lifts up and clips down... what more could you want?

Now onto lip products... the Salvation Intense Lacquer* is amazingly pigmented with a high gloss finish but without the usual stickiness of some lip glosses; I have it in 'A Love Like This' which is a gorgeous classic red shade. They also do a similar lacquer but in a matte finish; I can only assume this is like the Lime Crime Velvetine but at £3 it's obviously a fraction of the price! The Amazing Care Lipstick* is a great product and I can't actually believe it's from a budget brand; the core colour is encased by an argan oil outer so while you're adding a splash of colour you're also comforting your lips with the argan oil. It's not a lipstick that lasts forever on your lips but it's so easy to apply and feels so nice I can live with that; unfortunately they're out of stock on the Makeup Revolution Website at the moment but I'm really hoping they restock soon!

Of course with every brand there are products which aren't as good as others (you can't please everyone with everything, can you?!); the Vivid Blush Lacquer* and The One Foundation* just aren't for me. I don't get on very well with liquid blush products so it came as no surprise when I didn't like the Blush Lacquer; don't get me wrong it's very pigmented and a tiny bit goes a long way but it just slides off my oily skin within less than an hour so it's a bit pointless applying it really. There's not many products that I can't find something good to say about but unfortunately I think The One Foundation takes the crown for the worst high street foundation I've ever tried. It's watery and has a really strange consistency; it says on the bottle that it's for 'everyone' and that it's 'full coverage' and has a 'matte finish'... it isn't any of these, in fact I'd say it's the complete opposite!

Overall though, you could quite easily build a sizeable makeup collection for under £20 with Makeup Revolution; I could spend hours on their website just browsing through everything they have. Yet another brand to dispel the notion that budget means bad quality!

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution Products?

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