The Ups and Downs of Makeup Revolution

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Slightly late to the party with this post because I know how everyone has been going a bit crazy for Makeup Revolution products, but for those few who haven't heard of them: Makeup Revolution is a budget brand available online and larger Superdrug stores. They have a massive range of products from hundreds of lipstick and eyeshadow shades to skincare products... I haven't tried a quarter of what they offer but here's what I think of what I have tried...

I'm a massive fan of their eyeshadows, both in palettes and in single 'mono' shadows. The shades in the ones pictured are my idea of perfection; the Ultimate Shimmers palette* is only £4 and has a range of nude and brown shimmers all of which are nicely pigmented and apply with very limited fallout. The single shadows* which I've picked out are in shades 'Base!' and 'Promised Land', they're only £1 each and they come in 45 different shades! Again, they're nicely pigmented and as a duo they work really well to create a neutral eye look. Of course the packaging isn't fancy but it is simple and functional it just lifts up and clips down... what more could you want?

Now onto lip products... the Salvation Intense Lacquer* is amazingly pigmented with a high gloss finish but without the usual stickiness of some lip glosses; I have it in 'A Love Like This' which is a gorgeous classic red shade. They also do a similar lacquer but in a matte finish; I can only assume this is like the Lime Crime Velvetine but at £3 it's obviously a fraction of the price! The Amazing Care Lipstick* is a great product and I can't actually believe it's from a budget brand; the core colour is encased by an argan oil outer so while you're adding a splash of colour you're also comforting your lips with the argan oil. It's not a lipstick that lasts forever on your lips but it's so easy to apply and feels so nice I can live with that; unfortunately they're out of stock on the Makeup Revolution Website at the moment but I'm really hoping they restock soon!

Of course with every brand there are products which aren't as good as others (you can't please everyone with everything, can you?!); the Vivid Blush Lacquer* and The One Foundation* just aren't for me. I don't get on very well with liquid blush products so it came as no surprise when I didn't like the Blush Lacquer; don't get me wrong it's very pigmented and a tiny bit goes a long way but it just slides off my oily skin within less than an hour so it's a bit pointless applying it really. There's not many products that I can't find something good to say about but unfortunately I think The One Foundation takes the crown for the worst high street foundation I've ever tried. It's watery and has a really strange consistency; it says on the bottle that it's for 'everyone' and that it's 'full coverage' and has a 'matte finish'... it isn't any of these, in fact I'd say it's the complete opposite!

Overall though, you could quite easily build a sizeable makeup collection for under £20 with Makeup Revolution; I could spend hours on their website just browsing through everything they have. Yet another brand to dispel the notion that budget means bad quality!

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution Products?

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In The Mirror: From Summer to Autumn

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I genuinely thought I could never make a denim dress work, denim dresses were always something I saw on other people which looked fabulous but I could never see myself in one. I also didn't realise how versatile one could be, it's actually the perfect kind of dress to take you from summer to autumn. Some dresses only work with or without tights and only with a certain type of shoe but this actually works to create a summery look and more of an autumn outfit...

Because it's still August I've styled it really simply with a waist belt and a pair of brown sandals but this would easily work with tights and boots, I'm so looking forward to wearing this in Autumn as well as right now. Can you imagine how nice this will look with a pair of thick black tights, flat boots and a scarf?

This particular denim dress is from Joules which isn't a brand I would normally consider simply because I associate their clothes with being specifically for country folk and equestrian supplies but I couldn't be more wrong! They have some really lovely pieces and you can tell that they use high quality materials, I reckon this dress is going to be a part of my wardrobe for many years to come!

Denim Dress: Joules £49.95
Tan Sandals: New Look £7.99
Waist Belt: New Look £1 (in store)

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Possibly the most Satisfying Skincare Product ever

Monday, 18 August 2014

If there's one thing we all look for in a skincare product it's visible results; there's all sorts of promises and claims out there but very few products give you instant visible results as soon as you've used it. Ever since I was young I have always struggled with blackheads on my nose (to the point where my husband once pointed them out to a woman on a department store counter and asked what I could do about them... cringe!!). Not only do they look awful, blackheads can make applying makeup a bit of a challenge because without a smooth surface foundation can look cakey and patchy so naturally I've always been on the lookout for products to help reduce their appearance. 
Enter Biore Ultra Deep Pore Cleansing Strips*

Biore Ultra Deep Pore Cleansing Strips £7.99

With tea tree oil, menthol and witch hazel, these pore strips are designed to lift away the dirt and grime from your nose which can cause blocked pores and ultimately spots and blackheads. They're so simple to use and unlike face masks they don't create any mess at all. 
You cleanse your face throughly and wet your nose (making sure it's properly wet as the strip won't stick to dry skin), stick the strip down making sure it doesn't have any creases and then you leave it for 10 minutes to dry and work its magic.
It dries like papier-mache and feels tight a bit like a face mask does, but you don't have to rinse it off or anything like that, you just peel it off starting at the edges (this can get a little eye watering I must admit) and all the dirt is taken with it. It's the most satisfying feeling ever, and then when you look at the strip you can see what it's pulled out (gross, but amazing). Providing it has all stuck down properly you will see that it has pulled out blackheads and left you with a smooth nose. 

I'm not saying this is a long term fix for blackheads because I genuinely don't think there's anything that will stop them from appearing on my nose but these pore strips do make them a lot more manageable. 

What's your favourite treatment for blackheads?

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Discover A New Blogger #3

Sunday, 17 August 2014

It's been far too long since I shared some of my favourite bloggers on here so I thought it was time to do it again because I love posts like this on other blogs, it's a great way to find blogs that you might not otherwise discover!

The Life Edit
I'm a bit of a sucker for any good Northern blog because I just feel like I can relate to it better than one by someone who is from down south, I think when I'm looking at lifestyle posts I can actually see myself visiting the places whereas if they're down south its a bit like dangling something in front of me that I can't get easily! Bryony's simple layout is easy to navigate and her reviews are concise and to the point, her photos are pretty and her wish lists are enough to make me want to spend a small fortune!

Do Not Refreeze
Leanne's blog has been a regular read since I first started blogging 3 years ago; her honesty and way of writing is a breath of fresh air for me. If she doesn't like something, she'll tell you about it and that's what I love about her. Her nail polish swatches are to die for and I've been loving her recent lifestyle posts (because I'm nosey and I like to know what people are unto).

The Style Rawr
When I'm feeling like a bit of fashion therapy, this is my go-to blog. It's probably one I comment on the most (even if its just to tell them how gorgeous they look in their outfit post) and they've got me lusting after so many pieces of clothing just recently! In my opinion if there's one fashion blog you should be following, it's The Style Rawr!

Leave a comment below telling me your favourite blogs & also your blog link, I might have my old faves but I'm also in the market for some new reading material

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Cocktails & Shopping at Meadowhall Chao Baby & Palm Sugar Lounge

Mixing a shopping trip with food and cocktails sounds absolutely perfect, doesn't it? Luckily for us Yorkshire folk, Meadowhall have tapped into that market when they welcomed Chao Baby & Palm Sugar to their Oasis food court. Chao Baby is an authentic Thai buffet which brings the dishes from Chaopraya (a Thai fine dining restaurant), you just pay one price and you can choose from the array of foods on offer at the buffet. Coupled with Palm Sugar, the perfect destination for cocktails, Chao Baby is the perfect place to eat and relax during or after a couple of hours shopping.

Meadowhall invited their blogger ambassadors to try out Chao Baby & Palm Sugar so I went along, had a lovely catch up with the other ambassadors and enjoyed tying some cocktails & cocktails made there and then by mixologist Matt Ward. 

Everyone got an opportunity to go behind the bar and try their hand at making a cocktail (or mocktail if we were driving!). There was some weird and wonderful concoctions going on, even a cocktail which was based on a thai soup which was a bit 'different' shall we say (the one pictured above with the chilli in), tasting a savoury cocktail was certainly a first for me! Becky from Lil Blog of Beauty also made our very own #mhbloggershub mocktail which was a gorgeous fruity blend.

Becky with the #MHBloggersHub cocktail

Credit: Bethanie Lunn

Credit: Bethanie Lunn

Credit: Bethanie Lunn
Then came the food which unfortunately I missed because I had my husband in tow but Amy from the Meadowhall team was kind enough to send me some photos of what they all got to try. As soon as I saw the pictures I was a little bit jealous to say the least!!

Credit: Bethanie Lunn

After visiting Chao Baby & Palm Sugar Lounge I know exactly where I will be going for some food on my next shopping trip! The Chao Baby thai buffet is pleasantly affordable at just £12.95 per adult all day every day and £6.95 for children. Or you could choose just one dish from a selection for £7.95... without a doubt I know I'd go for the buffet, I love the choice you get and with curries, noodles, stir fries and soups on offer you're sure to find something you like!

Have you tried Chao Baby yet?

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Product Collection Must Have: Heat Protection Spray

Saturday, 16 August 2014

For so long I couldn't weigh up why my hair was becoming frizzy and dry, I always use conditioner and I use an intense mask regularly... it never even dawned on me that it's all the heat I use on it that could be causing the problem! When I first started using straighteners I always used heat protection no matter what and I completely forgot how it helps when you dry/straighten your hair.

I got a bottle of Elnett Satin Heat Protecting Styling Spray when I was last in Superdrug; there was no particular reason as to why I chose this over others, it just kind of caught my eye I guess. It's supposed to provide heat protection up to 230 degrees and it is said to help 'lock out' frizz and flyways... oh and keep your hair straight for 3 days *raises eyebrow*

The trigger spray makes it really easy to spray onto your hair and it doesn't make it excessively wet (no sizzling when you straighten!), it smells great and does seem to make straightening my hair a little easier. It does make my hair look less frizzy and the finished straightened look is definitely a lot more sleek than it was before I started using this. The 3 day straight thing however is completely untrue, well at least it is for my hair! I was ranting about false claims yesterday so I won't go into it today... you can read what I had to say here.

Overall though, I do really like this and I would be willing to repurchase it

What's your favourite heat protection spray? 

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When Products Tell Lies

Friday, 15 August 2014

There are so many products out there with big claims on their packaging and I can't help but wonder how they actually get away with it? Surely some of it is false advertising? There are some products out there that have some very attractive wording on their packaging to suck us into buying it, only to be disappointed when we actually try it. 

This foundation 'Lasts for 24 Hours' - Does it really? Who on earth has tested that out and not only that why would you want it to last that long without washing your face... only in extreme circumstances I would imagine. I know they're trying to say that this foundation has staying power but for goodness sake drop the exaggeration!

This hair product 'repairs split ends' - Does it really? Well last time I heard, split ends were irreparable, once your hair is split you can't glue it back together I'm sure the only way is to cut it off. Sure you can improve the appearance of them and make your hair feel softer but 'repairing' split ends is too much of a big claim for me.

This nail polish 'lasts for upto 1 week' - Does it really? I've tried lots of these and the only nail polish to truly last any longer than around 4 days is UV cured gel. Don't get me wrong I think 4 days is a good length of time for a polish to last unchipped but I wish they wouldn't say it lasts upto 7 days when it has clearly been 'tested' on someone who never washes up or uses their hands for a whole week. 

This nail polish 'dries in 1 minute' - Does it really? I've never met a nail polish which dries in a minute, it's always just a little bit sticky and heaven forbid you go to sleep within a minute of painting your nails because you can pretty much guarantee you'll wake up with little hair lines in your once perfectly polished nails!

This treatment will make your hair 'straight for 'x' amount of days' - Does it really? If your hair was already pretty straight then maybe, but I've never met a hair product to acutally live up to these prolonged straightening expectations. I can pretty much guarantee that no matter what I put on my hair, it's going to do what the hell it likes when it sees any kind of moisture.

This cream will 'make your spots disappear' - Does it really? Ok I know maybe these magical creams don't word it like that but they might as well say something along those lines because they're marketed to make you believe that it's a miracle cure! I've had my fair share of spots and I can say that only a good diet and a proper skincare routine suited to your skin will improve the look of your complexion!

Which bold claims really get on your nerves??
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